Funding rate

The funding rate is calculated by considering the interest rates for both trading pair currencies and the Premium Index. The calculation either yields a positive (longs pay shorts) or a negative (shorts pay longs) funding rate. On Crypto Exchanges, there is an exchange of payments that happens every 8 hours.

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What is was founded in 2021 by two Norwegian crypto enthusiasts. Our goal is to enlighten the possibilities of the crypto verse. The main purpose of this website is to illustrate the funding-rate in the best possible way. Later we realized that we also could add other useful information for the investors.

Why did we develop this website?

We have seen that the funding rate has been little discussed, and some traders do not understand this concept. We want to simplify the understanding of funding rates and illustrate it in a understandable way. We have also noted that there always is space to enlighten the public with smart ways to invest.

What do you get out of this website?

You will have an investors instrument to see where the market is potentially going, and see where the funding fees are the highest or lowest. We are constantly working on innovating this website, so sign up for our newsletter for more exciting news and updates.

What do we get out of this website?

We fund our website by giving out affiliate links to our visitors. We are proud to say that we have the highest discounted rates that Binance has to offer.