Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions. If you do not find what you are looking for or have another question, feel free to send it via our contact form
  • General

    What is was founded in 2021 by two Norwegian crypto enthusiasts. Our goal is to enlighten the possibilities of the crypto verse. The main purpose of this website is to illustrate the funding-rate in the best possible way. Later we realized that we also could add other useful information for the investors.

    Why did we develop this website?

    We have seen that the funding rate has been little discussed, and some traders do not understand this concept. We want to simplify the understanding of funding rates and illustrate it in a understandable way. We have also noted that there always is space to enlighten the public with smart ways to invest.

    What do you get out of this website?

    You will have an investors instrument to see where the market is potentially going, and see where the funding fees are the highest or lowest. We are constantly working on innovating this website, so sign up for our newsletter for more exciting news and updates.

    What do we get out of this website?

    We fund our website by giving out affiliate links to our visitors. We are proud to say that we have the highest discounted rates that Binance has to offer.

    What is a affiliate link?

    A affiliate link is a link with a code that tells the exchange that you have been "recruited" by us. The recruitment programs differ from exchange to exchange, but in all cases we will get something from it. Either as a one-time payment or as a percentage of the costs you as a user pay on the exchange.

    its completely free for you as a our affiliate link, and in some cases you will also get an extra bonus by registering with a link from us.

  • Funding Rate

    What is a Funding Rate?

    Funding rates are the price for completing a long (expecting the price to go upwards) and short (expecting the price to go down) via leverage/futures trading. On such trades, you are borrowing funds from the exchange itself to increase your trading size, but it has a much higher risk than normal trading.

    Funding rates can also show signs of which way the market is moving.

    Positive funding rates suggests speculators are bullish and long traders pay funding to short traders. Negative funding rates suggests speculators are bearish and short traders pay funding to long traders.

    After every 8 hours the exchange deducts a small fee from the "user/traders" account balance, this is called a funding rate. A funding fee is charged from OR payed to/from a trader with an open position. A funding rate in cryptocurrency is peer to peer that means that it doesn't go through a broker and is directly exchanged peer to peer.

    Why do traders use funding rate when trading perpetual swaps?

    When the funding fee is realized (usually 8 hours interval) then fee is payed or distributed by/to trader. Traders may use this as a tool to realize profits.

  • Buy & Sell

    How do I buy my first cryptocurrency?

    First and foremost we advice you to sign up for an exchange. Using an exchange that is well known increases the security. You can use exchanges like; Binance, Okex, Kucoin, Huobi, Bybit, FTX,, Deribit, Delta, Primex. These exchanges are well known, and are used by a vast amount of people. At these exchanges you have the possibility to trade your "FIAT" (Real money) for cryptocurrency. It is important to note that the fees for all these exchanges differ.

    What token should I buy?

    Its important to understand that its normal to be completely lost in this vast "crypto world". There are endless amounts of tokens being mintet (made) every day, and keeping track on all the coins is virtually impossible. We in Feecap have no vision in promoting single tokens. We do believe that investing in a crypto "coin/s" that have utility that is needed in the future have good chances of succeeding. By this we mean projects that contribute to making transactions cheaper, and projects within the gaming industry.

    The most important for is security, which exchange should I use?

    All the platforms we have listed in our table are backed by a reserve and/or by an insurance which to a extent do reimburse their clients if something would happen.

    However, we do still want to warn you about the risk, and advice you to use a hardware ledger to secure your funds.

    If I choose an exchange, do I commit myself to using only that exchange?

    You can sign up for as many exchanges as you want without having to buy or sell there. We advice you to look over and learn the platform before making a trade.

    We advice you again to use a hardware ledger to secure your funds.

  • Crypto earn

    What is crypto earn?

    Various platforms offer interest on crypto currencies if you hodl it on their exchange. It is important to note that the interest-rate various in different exchanges. The conditions also vary in different exchanges. Let me give you an example:
    You have 1000 USDC (stable coin) that you want to place into an exchange that offer interest-rate on USDC. You place it where it pays you 14.5% annually. You wait 1 year and then you have 1145 USDC. Some exchanges pay out rewards in the form of your USDC, and some exchanges pay it out in their own respective native token or partly in both. Be advised that some exchanges also offer lock-up plans which earns you higher rewards.

    Are there any risks of putting all my money into one of these platforms?

    Yes, of course. Firstly, do research, there are many scam platform websites that are phishing you to deposit money. So please do research before doing so.

    Secondly, if you do find a platform you want to deposit your money in, choose one that is well-known and has some sort of insurance on their users funds. This is no financial advice, and we do not advice you to place your savings into any platform.

    So what are some of these platforms that you can earn interest in?

    some of the platforms we use are,,, Nexo and Celsius.

    We use them bacause they have been around for a while, and have no shady past.

    But how do these platforms make money by paying out to users?

    These platforms often have a team of skilled traders that invest your funds into other Defi projects. Think of it as a treasury or a hedge fund. You as a user will provide with funds that this team of traders can use. Each platform does it differently, but the concept remains the same.

    Be advised, the risk is high in cryptocurrency.

  • Partnership

    Does Feecap accept sponsors?

    Yes, we do.

    We will do a review of the product or service the sponsor will be providing. It will be disclosed as sponsored content.

    Why should we use Affiliate links by Feecap?

    We are proud to say that we offer some of the best affiliate deals with some exchanges. By using our affiliate link you will in some cases save on fees when trading.